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Ugly Mug–Tea Time Tuesday

uglyMugCollageI visited the Ugly Mug Cafe’, in Blairsville last week. HomeSon and I had errands to run and time to fill. It was early, and we planned to have breakfast out. I had had recent THRIFT STORE SUCCESS, and I was still riding that wave so we ended up at the Victoria’s Center shopping plaza, where I hoped to have a look inside Thrift Store for Humanity. While we waited, we decided on breakfast. I wanted bacon, eggs, the whole nine yards, but this is a trendy place, not a plow-jockey’s respite.

They had quiche.

I almost ordered that but at the last minute, my inner child said , “Blueberry Muffin, please,” and history was made. It was delicious. It was not overly sweet, and it was just the right thing to order  with English Breakfast Tea, which came to my table in a small pot with cup and saucer so I could pour my tea as I pleased. Have you ever heard of honey granules? I had not but I tried them, and they were great!  HomeSon had the Apple Strudel Muffin and let me have a taste of that AND the Vanilla Frappe’. Delightful!uglyMugCollage - Copy

You can find them on FaceBook,   but really, just drive on over and visit them in person.

I hope I can make this a weekly event. I really enjoyed myself. Maybe I will try the quiche next time.


More Fabric is Coming to My House

I was skimming through my favorite blogs to read via Bloglovin’, and I came across Sewn With Grace. She had just organized her fabrics and was ready to part with some. She offered them up as a contest prize, and I won! My family laughed and said I need to enter contests to win organizers. Go visit her blog and see what else she is up to.


Many are Denyse Schmidt fabrics that are difficult to come by where I live.THANK YOU, RENEE!



I have not knit for awhile, now, but I wish I could. When I can get back to it, I am going to luxuriate in this Mountain Colors merino wool.

It is a worsted/Aran weight, and the colorway is Willow Creek. I have always loved the colorways from Mountain Colors, but I think this is by far, my favorite. What should I make? I have 480 yards of it, thanks to a birthday gift from my WestCoast Brother and Sister-in-Law.


STILL EXPERIMENTING WITH BLOG HOSTS. Comment below to tell me what you think.

It works somewhat better for me than Tumblr, but I still have a lot to learn. Like changing fonts. Changing sizes. ETC.


I guess it is safe to say I am on a purse-and-pouch-making jag. I went through my purse frames and found these which are the ones I have owned the longest.

They were packaged and sold by Bucilla but if you like them, don’t look to Bucilla. They have been discontinued. You can get them HERE, though, in gold tone AND silver tone.

I have had these for a long time because when my mother and I bought them, we NATURALLY thought there would be instructions and a template in the package. THERE IS NO TEMPLATE. But I just found one last week( 10+ years later?). At least, it was the template designed for the larger, 3.5″ frame.I traced my 3.5″ frame on the template and guess-timated how to make a template for the 2″ one.  If you have a 2″ frame and need a template, contact me. At this time, I have no plans to make it a public offering, but I would hate to see anyone’s purse frame languishing just because there was no pattern!

DSC07613 - CopyNext, to choose the fabric. You know I am not a fan of glittery gold on fabric, USUALLY, but in my stash I had a piece of fabric left over from when I made a tea cosy. It has a little gold metallic on it, and that suits these frames just fine.

DSC07611I quilted lines a quarter of an inch apart, making a fabric sandwich of outer fabric and left over scrap cotton batting. I have enough left over scrap cotton batting to blanket a small European country. Including mountaintops.112233

I hand stitched them into the frames. I like the way they came out and I am thinking of sewing them together as you see in the second picture. What do you think?

My Tammy Bag

My Tammy Bag

Madame Samm’s Tammy Bag pattern was easy to follow.

So. We had a few days where we could not go anywhere because I refuse to drive up and down hills and on sharp curves when the roads have snow and ice on them. Luckily, this is not a problem for me because I always have something I like to do.

I made my version of Madame Samm’s Tammy Bag pattern I which showed you yesterday. I decided that my 6″ frame, while a halfinch larger than the one required, might just work. If not, I would have the bag shell all finished for the time my intended frame arrived.

I started with the black and white gingham I had planned on using and searched until I foundfabric to go with it. I actually ended up NOT using the gingham but instead, I had this weird blue and black faux woven burlap looking  plaid. 

I picked some teapot fabric as a feature, but I didn’t want to waste it underneath pockets where it couldn’t be seen, so I picked a partner fabric–batik “solid” red.

Then I chose a madras plaid I had lying around for lining. It shares a lot of the same colors as the teapots and has broad stripes of the batik color.

I learned a lot on my first Tammy Bag.

Pretty Pockets–useless because I did not follow instructions the first time.