My Tammy Bag

My Tammy Bag

Madame Samm’s Tammy Bag pattern was easy to follow.

So. We had a few days where we could not go anywhere because I refuse to drive up and down hills and on sharp curves when the roads have snow and ice on them. Luckily, this is not a problem for me because I always have something I like to do.

I made my version of Madame Samm’s Tammy Bag pattern I which showed you yesterday. I decided that my 6″ frame, while a halfinch larger than the one required, might just work. If not, I would have the bag shell all finished for the time my intended frame arrived.

I started with the black and white gingham I had planned on using and searched until I foundfabric to go with it. I actually ended up NOT using the gingham but instead, I had this weird blue and black faux woven burlap looking  plaid. 

I picked some teapot fabric as a feature, but I didn’t want to waste it underneath pockets where it couldn’t be seen, so I picked a partner fabric–batik “solid” red.

Then I chose a madras plaid I had lying around for lining. It shares a lot of the same colors as the teapots and has broad stripes of the batik color.

I learned a lot on my first Tammy Bag.

Pretty Pockets–useless because I did not follow instructions the first time.



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