So, I was checking my FaceBook Feed…

Tuesday night, almost Wednesday. A knitting friend on FB shared a link.



Oh, my. I KNOW THE PERSON WHO WROTE THIS. I do not know his struggle. I DO know his environment. I was part of his environment. I know people he knows, we TAUGHT MUTUAL STUDENTS, I am sure of it. I am sad that he had to hide what was fundamental to his being.

Not so long ago, people had to hide their religions. They hid in attics, behind OTHER RELIGIONS, in HAYstacks, for heaven’s sake. They could not love their own gods even privately. I still see a lot of religious prejudice in the good ole USA, but at least we are not rounding people up, taking their property and then executing them.

The fact that people STILL can not love who they love without recrimination is sickening to me. Is there really any religion out there that teaches INtolerance? Are there parents out there who are giving their children the message that HATE is the way? REALLY? That it is okay to feel superior to another being because of gender, religion, race, life-partner choice? That it is okay to do what you can to MAKE YOURSELF FEEL SUPERIOR?

I have to stop, now. I am too angry to go on.

Chris, your editorial does not say that you reported this to anyone. I know where you worked, I know who you worked for, I can guess the rest. How awful that there was not an environment of support where you could feel safe and, although a victim, not a helpless victim.

Thank you for speaking out now. Who is next? Step up. We know you are out there.


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