Open-Air Marketplace?

Cascade Souk is 55% Silk and 45% Wool. One skein is 100 g (3.5 oz) / 220 yards (200 m) 47782Large_b66d

That makes it just about perfect for the Quaker Yarn Stretcher Scarf pattern by Susan Ashcroft, which one knits with a somewhat larger needle than generally required for the weight of yarn used.

For instance, I used one skein of the FIRE colorway, normally considered a DK weight, but I followed the directions (for once) and used a size 8 needle. It took me a few days because I knew I should not knit for 14 consecutive hours.


It is a yarn known for its long color runs. I was angry when I found that a great hunk of it was just randomly tied on with no regard to placement in the color gradation. You KNOW how I like to see analogous colors move harmoniously. I spent several hours trying to figure out where to tie it on so it was not obnoxious. Then I decided to let small things go and enjoy where the yarn was taking me. I would have REALLY been pissed off if I had chosen the rainbow and right in the middle of the R-O-Y-G-B-I-V line up, a random color got tied in. At least my colors were in the same section on the color wheel. and they played nicely.DSC07760 I love the pattern, I love the yarn, but I am having a problem. Susan Ashcroft has the pattern FOR SALE via Ravelry. I did not know that when the person who waited on me at the store offered to “give” me a copy of the pattern if I paid $1 for the printing. What should I do? Should I buy my own permission from Susan Ashcroft? I think yes. It is the honorable thing to do.

Should I tell her she is being ripped off? Should I speak privately to the store owner? This is NOT the first little knitting shop where I have run across this practice. If you are reading this, I would like to hear what you think about the situation.

Instead of sending you to the little shop, as I like to do when I find a local shop, I will send you to Jimmy Bean’s Wool. If you order from them, it will be on your doorstep before you have time to put your credit card away. Well, nearly that fast. Their price for SOUK was exactly the price I found locally, and at WEBS, which is notoriously slow with mail-outs. Sometimes you want to save the money, sometimes you want to save the time. I want to save my conscience. Let me hear from you about whether or not to speak to the local shop owner and whether I let Susan know why I think I need to purchase a pattern from her tomorrow.


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