Another Famous Quilter

For many of the ladies in the quilt guilds to which I belong, Georgia Bonesteel was our first quilting teacher. She came to us via our local PBS stations and we spent hours with her. This was back when unbleached muslin was considered THE neutral and the only other fabrics that were cotton had little flowers on them–you know–country calicoes.


Lap Quilting-Quilting Your Legacy by Georgia Bonesteel. Mom and I EACH had a copy.

Georgia Bonesteel was the guest speaker Tuesday at the Misty Mountain Quilters Guild. She had a trunk full of quilts and so many wonderful stories and reminiscences. I completely enjoyed myself. She has a youtube channel and now I am a subscriber.


Do you remember this? I had started to color mine with colored pencils. I was already planning a quilt.

Those 70s cottons  did not stop people fromloving quilting and pretty soon, quilters discovered what the Amish quilters always knew. Solids make great quilts.

Today we have so many fabric designers for so many different “looks” for quilting, it is hard to remember the narrowly accepted styles the quilt police have rigidly maintained. Luckily, we can call them TRADITIONAL and enjoy them for what they are, use them as springboards for new ideas, or go completely in another direction.

Mom, do you still have the quilts you made using the lap quilting technique that Georgia Bonesteel pioneered?



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