The first violet of spring


The first violet ofspring! I waited a long time to see it! No Blue Flag yet, but after EVERYone in town had daffodils, mine finally showed this week.DSC07826The two on either side are close to the Ombersly variety. Shorter plants with similar blooms grow with wild abandon around here. I have not seen one like the center flower anywhere else but when I look back in the blog archives to when I first planted the bulbs, I think they are called Orangery. Definitely beautiful to look at.

We bought gladiolus bulbs this week. I wonder if I should start them in pots first. I am fairly sure they will be tall so I have planned to put them on the east side of the house where five feet off the ground may allow them to be visible from the porch. I am lucky to have a wrap-around porch and I take several walks a day around it to enjoy it.Gladiolus-pastel-mixHere is what the boxes promise. It also says they are not attractive to deer. Let’s wait and see. So far, I have hydrangeas that look like sticks scattered here and there but I think they are beginning to wake up and I think the gladioli will be good companions to them for next year.


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