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Look what I got! I got that bodaciously WONDERFUL new sewing machine for Christmas and getting it to classes and workshops is becoming more difficult. This little collapsible cart does the job. My friend Rise had a hot pink one with her a week or so back. You know I am not a pink person, but it was HOT pink. WOMAN pink. Not baby wanna bottle pink. I coveted it. She got hers at Sam’s, but we are not Sam’s members anymore, so I went on an internet search. You would think I could be happy with BLUE or RED. No, that HOT pink was in my brain. I found one, but it was not as well crafted and cost quite a bit more.


Collapses! Has a cover!

I continued my search and found one in my favorite shade of brown. Now, I can get my machine and all the related bits and pieces to any class.


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