Hunter’s Star

I really like the Hunter;s Star quilt block. So much, after taking a class and borrowing Tallahassee Quilty Friend’s ruler, I knew I would eventually buy my own. I had two rulers on my list this month, and trips to bigger quilting stores as WELL as an opportunity to get to a big box national fabric and craft store with 40% off coupons.


Deb Tucker’s rulers are inspired by genius and supported by demonstrations, although her rulers are not found in big box stores.

I had a 40% off coupon for a QUILT STORE. I bought a ruler!

The next ruler on my list is a 60 degree triangle ruler. I almost had my hands on a BIG one, but it turned out to be METRIC. I would have paid full price, too! Too bad. I will get a Fons and Porter with a (giant big box store) discount coupon and try it out if I like it well enough, I will search out the larger one.,


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