Rulers are great

I also bought three different square rulers. What? I had coupons–COUPONS, I tell you!

productimage-picture-omnigrid-ruler-1-1874_tn_w980_h700_wm_w1_o100_gs0_r0_p446x506 This is Omnigrid’s 4″ square ruler which I bought because of the all-over graph. It makes lining things up so much easier. I have a 6″ one with partial graph, but this is ALL graph! Plus, it has angle lines so I can do much more than square and half-square.

omnigrip-3-5-in-3-1-2-inch-square-omnigrid-ruler-2Omnigrip’s 3.5″ square with diagonal will make truing up half-square triangles so much easier. Of course, if I have the need for 2.5″ squares, I will just use this one:


Omnigrid with graph and diagonal line. Isn’t it cute?


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