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Monday Mantra

Move-On-Know-when-to-QuitThank you, LIFE HACKER. I read the Melanie Pinola article “How to Know When It’s Time to Quit”, published 10/04/12 10:00am. I am sure she was writing about CAREERS, not blogging platforms but here is the gist of what she said and how I think it pertains to me.

You’re consistently experiencing more frustration than reward.   Manipulating the text and photographs is not getting easier due to the restrictions of WordPress
You can’t envision a possible solution or continuing this way.  As I said, the restrictions of WordPress
Spending time on this keeps you from more rewarding endeavors or seriously damages your well-being.  Blogging certainly was quicker on Blogspot, but I do not feel seriously damaged.
You’re staying for the wrong reasons. Someone told me I lose followers every time I switch hosts. Since I only have about THREE followers, losing even one would diminish my following by one third. But I am not selling anything so I will not be missing revenue. I am doing this for my own pleasure so I should be getting the most pleasure from it that I can. So, SEE YOU, WORDPRESS. We may meet again.

After today, find me here again, at



Sunday Morning


See the blue color at the petal base? My favorite flowers!

You know how fond I am of my wild violets. Last week, they bloomed in earnest all through the yard.I had been watching the leaves grow larger and larger and then one day–ALL THE BLOSSOMS!

DSC08038Isn’t the violet leaf the loveliest of leaves? The color is quite unlike any other in the garden. It has an old fashioned depth of color that reminds me of lithographic greeting cards from my auntie’s collection. The heart shaped leaves, the furry surface, the symmetric veins. Perfect.

Saturday in the Garden

DSC08043Three of seven Hydrangeas are coming back! Just the other day, it looked as though I would only see the elder one this year. Quilty Friend gave me a cutting a couple years ago and it has come back every year. In an extraordinarily optimistically green-thumb mood, I asked her for more cuttings last year. We put in a dozen and I have been pleased to see that so many have made it through the winter.

Do you remember when I wrote about the Gladiola bulbs? I showed pictures from the packages. Several people commented on my blossoms but in reality, they are only just now beginning to sprout. I guess my pictures are worth more than my words! Of the 13 we put in, there are ELEVEN that have sprouted! I hope to see blooms this year!DSC08042DSC08040Look at that. Not only can I not change my font or size, I cannot put my pictures side by side, I cannot place my text around the pictures. Not even as well as I could on blogspot. I am considering going back to my old blog. At least with that I had a little more creative freedom. My whole reason to come to wordpress is what I saw others could do. I suppose you have to be willing to PAY for the upgrade. I am too cheap for that.