Saturday in the Garden

DSC08043Three of seven Hydrangeas are coming back! Just the other day, it looked as though I would only see the elder one this year. Quilty Friend gave me a cutting a couple years ago and it has come back every year. In an extraordinarily optimistically green-thumb mood, I asked her for more cuttings last year. We put in a dozen and I have been pleased to see that so many have made it through the winter.

Do you remember when I wrote about the Gladiola bulbs? I showed pictures from the packages. Several people commented on my blossoms but in reality, they are only just now beginning to sprout. I guess my pictures are worth more than my words! Of the 13 we put in, there are ELEVEN that have sprouted! I hope to see blooms this year!DSC08042DSC08040Look at that. Not only can I not change my font or size, I cannot put my pictures side by side, I cannot place my text around the pictures. Not even as well as I could on blogspot. I am considering going back to my old blog. At least with that I had a little more creative freedom. My whole reason to come to wordpress is what I saw others could do. I suppose you have to be willing to PAY for the upgrade. I am too cheap for that.


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