Tuesday Tea Time







Break out the Hibiscus Iced Tea.



Saturday in Which I am QUITE WARM


Don’t know who she is but I know how she feels. Waving, however inelegantly performed, feels damned good.

We are briefly south of where we live. The first few days, in a virtual RAINFOREST were lovely. Temperatures were moderate, rain, not even threatening. We are now somewhat farther east, but at approximately the same latitude.

It is HELL. Right here. On earth.

Halle Berry's pits. Lovelier than mine but mine produce way better than hers.

Halle Berry’s pits. Lovelier than mine but mine produce way better than hers.


Rulers are great

I also bought three different square rulers. What? I had coupons–COUPONS, I tell you!

productimage-picture-omnigrid-ruler-1-1874_tn_w980_h700_wm_w1_o100_gs0_r0_p446x506 This is Omnigrid’s 4″ square ruler which I bought because of the all-over graph. It makes lining things up so much easier. I have a 6″ one with partial graph, but this is ALL graph! Plus, it has angle lines so I can do much more than square and half-square.

omnigrip-3-5-in-3-1-2-inch-square-omnigrid-ruler-2Omnigrip’s 3.5″ square with diagonal will make truing up half-square triangles so much easier. Of course, if I have the need for 2.5″ squares, I will just use this one:


Omnigrid with graph and diagonal line. Isn’t it cute?

Rulers Rule

I recently bought the Hunter’s Star ruler by Deb Tucker.  You have seen my Hunter’s Star quilt. Well, I had the luck to go to Gainesville last Thursday, armed with all kinds of coupons for Joa-ann’s. I knew they carried few basic rulers, so I used up those coupons. I added Darlene Zimmerman and Joy Hoffman’s Tri-Recs ruler and companion angle. I had hoped to get a much larger 60 degree angle, but this will do to start.SONY DSCIt will make my double wedding ring retreat quilt easier. Of course, I am not doing anything typical. If so, I might have bought the melons and ogee rulers.  A normal double wedding ring looks something like this:

Scarlett's Double Wedding Ring Pattern

Scarlett’s Double Wedding Ring Pattern

You can get this pattern from Scarlett Rose on Craftsy. Let’s just say mine is going to be a little different and you will have to wait and see.

Actually, I will give you a little more information. I plan to use the pickle dish style for the rings. There are at least two pickle dish styles.

From Molly Flanders Makerie

From Molly Flanders Makerie

This is one style, made by Molly Flanders who posted about it HERE.  The pattern is from Kathy Doughty and Sarah Fielke’s Material Obsession 2 book, which you can see HERE. Until I planned my own pickle dish, I did not know this style was also PICKLE DISH. I REALLY like the way Molly put her colors together. I see one in my future..


The one I planned is more like this:


Ruby Pickle Dish owned by Connie Gray

You can see the entire record of Ruby Pickle Dish HERE at the Quilt Index.

Both quilts use pieced arcs. In fact, all three–wedding ring AND pickle dishes have pieced arcs. I guess quilters did not think simple curves to be challenging enough. I am hoping to master the difficult parts by using foundation piecing. My teacher for this class, Karen Izor, says she has some other tricks that will make the quilt easier. Let’s hope…